Technician Presentation Tool

Everyone knows that most technicians hate to sell.  Some are great technicians but not gifted to sell. They are quick to tell you that they are repairmen not salesmen.  But as you know, that additional appliance repair,  water filter, or cleaner sale adds tremendous profit to your bottom line as well as money in their paycheck!  So how do you help your technicians without making them feel like salesmen?  The Technician Presentation Tool addresses these issues.  When the technician enters the needed parts into the system, the Technician Presentation Tool setups a great presentation page for the technician to show to the customer (see example below).  This page has the total cost of the repair, a list of all the parts that are needed, pictures of the parts (when available) and everything they need in order to show the customer a professional repair estimate right on their laptop.

But we have taken this way beyond a quote for the customer.  Down the right side of the screen, there are a number of totally customizable boxes.  These boxes can contain notes that are based on the appliance type being serviced (i.e. washers could say check the washer hose, make sure stainless steel mesh hoses used, dryers could say check dryer venting as it must be dryer manufacturer approved, refrigerators could say does the refrigerator need it’s condenser cleaned, etc.).  In addition to the notes you can suggest add-on items such as water filters for refrigerators, AFfresh for high efficiency washers etc.  Additional things that can be featured are other services, such as ½ off a second appliance serviced while we are here, extended warranties and anything else that you can imagine.  It’s all customized by you. Best of all is it is included in the monthly subscription price of your Online Blue Book.  Just one or two add-on services or products will pay for the entire cost of the subscription for the month!

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