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Dean Landers, the creator and Author of "The Major Appliance Service National Price Guide" (MASPG), teamed up with Service Company Solutions in 2009 to create an interactive and more useful product. We have re-branded Dean's book as The Original Blue Book, Major Appliance Job Rate Guide aka the "Appliance Blue Book" this product is also known as MASPG - The Major Appliance Service National Price Guide.

The Original Blue Book Major Appliance Job Rate Guide has more brands and types of appliances and their affiliated part numbers, than ever before.  Standard and premium appliances are both in one easy-to-carry book. The printed Blue Book is available in 2 sizes for your convenience: Pocket/Technician Edition and Desktop/Large Print Edition.

Or you may opt for the Blue Book Online version that gives you the ability to completely customize the book, allowing you to adjust pricing based on your companies market place and cost of doing business.  Your technicians can use the Online version of the Blue Book live in the field with a laptop.

The Online Blue Book also offers a sales presentation to help assist your technicians in offering customers additional products and services.  This presentation allows the technician to display the repair total to the customer by showing the Job Price, pictures of the parts (when  available), notes, add-on sales items, tips and anything thing else you would like to have added .  All of these features are customizable base on your company’s offerings and needs.

Service Company Solutions was started by appliance service companies.  The Appliance Blue Book is only one of the amazing tools that we have developed to help the Appliance Service Community.  In addition to the Blue Book, the Online Blue Book, and the Technician Presentation we have also developed and MyPartsHelp Premium with Inventory upload.